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Market-Place - World's first carbon-centric bioplastic marketplace / Diverse Product Portfolio


Implementing a co-op sales model for product purchases like bioplastic and waste handler machines could create a mutually beneficial environment for Blastik and its partners. Here's a proposed structure:

  1. Product Procurement:

As a cooperative, members can pool their purchasing power to negotiate better deals with manufacturers of bioplastic and waste handling machines, effectively reducing costs.

2. Online Marketplace:

Blastik can build an online platform where all these products are listed. Each co-op member will have access to this platform, where they can easily purchase products at reduced rates. This online platform can serve as a one-stop shop for all sustainability-related products.

3. Offline Stores and Showrooms:

Depending on the geographical spread and interest of co-op members, offline stores or showrooms can be established. These showrooms can serve as hubs where members can physically check the products, and they can also serve as meeting points for members.

4. Sales & Support Training:

Offer training sessions to co-op members on sales techniques, product knowledge, and customer support. This will empower the members to not only buy but also resell these products if they choose, creating additional income opportunities.

5. Shared Customer Service and Support:

The co-op can maintain a shared customer service and technical support team. This team would assist members with any issues or queries they have about the products.

6. Revenue Sharing Model:

In case of reselling, income generated from sales would be distributed among the co-op members based on their level of contribution in sales, this encourages active participation.

7. Feedback and Improvement:

The co-op can facilitate feedback sessions where members share their experiences, problems, or ideas about the products. This could lead to product improvements, making the products more appealing and functional for the users.

8. Reinvestment:

Profits from the co-op can be reinvested back into it for marketing, business development, expansion of product lines, and other beneficial initiatives.

In this model, Blastik is providing an infrastructure and support system which empowers its members to acquire and possibly resell bioplastic and waste handler machines at reduced costs, while also ensuring they have the necessary product knowledge and customer support. This aligns well with Blastik's intention to keep the time investment minimal and to facilitate rather than directly sell.

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