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We cannot solve problems by using the same thinking we used when we created them. To mitigate global plastic pollution, BLASTIK® continues to look to nature for inspiration. 


Meet BHD®, the next step in Environmentally Friendly Plastic

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BLASTIK® patented fully compostable material




BLASTIK®  core material,
Includes corn stalks, bagasse, durian shells, etc. 



Renewable Organic Materials 

R&D unique formula 


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There is an alternation of birth and death in the world, and some are just the mutual combination and separation of existing substances.

​Bioplastic breakthrough

Our state-of-the-art technology can designate BHD®  with various functionalities like elasticity, tensile strength, heat resistance, etc., matching our equivalent petroleum plastics products. 



The molecular cuisines in the bioplastics industry that meet all tricky requirements

BLASTIK® begins with organic agricultural waste. Next, we use cutting-edge thermal grinding technology to break it into the raw materials necessary to create BLASTIK® BHD® and then shape it into numerous unique petroleum plastic alternatives to meet consumer demand.


A second life to recycled agricultural waste

Sublime the value of waste and achieve affordable prices

BLASTIK®  is not another out-of-reach plastic alternative. Instead, we focus on reducing the green premium so more people can access plastic that does not hurt the environment we all live.


Formulate Your BLASTIK®  

Shape your BLASTIK® with properties you desire.

Quick decompose 

Decompose into H2O and O2 in aerobic condition in 90 days 

High Heat Resistance

Resistance to 90°c, suitable for lunch boxes, soup bowls and hot beverages, etc. 

99% Antibacterial 

Exhibit 99% Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 6538)

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the Greenwash labels

Petroleum plastic enriched human civilization and led to many advances. However, it is also causing irreparable harm to the Earth we share and the societies we live in. BLASTIK® is committed to continual innovation into replacing petroleum plastic forever.

We believe in the environmental philosophy of "Cradle to Cradle," which prompts us to rethink the idea of waste. By removing the concept of waste from our thinking, we can see the true path of items through circulation and use. 


ISO 14001
environmental management system

BLASTIK®  The production plants are in compliance with ISO 14001 , ISO 14001  It is a globally recognized quality management system standard and an environmental management system standard. Our production plant through  ISO 14001  The " plan-do-check-act " management method is used to continuously improve environmental management.

Factories annually assess their environmental performance in terms of inputs (water intake, electricity, gas, raw materials, chemicals) and outputs (products, emissions, waste, wastewater, noise, odors) through a risk analysis.

Based on the results of the assessment, the factory selects the environmental areas that need improvement, and these areas for improvement determine the team's goals and response projects.

ISO 9001
environmental management system

ISO 9001  It was transformed from the world's first quality management system standard BS 5750 , ISO 9001  It is by far the most mature quality framework in the world, used by more than 750,000 organizations in 161 countries around the world.
ISO 9001  It sets the standard not only for the quality management system but also for the overall management system. All certified companies have reached international standards in the integration of various management systems, indicating that the company can continue to provide customers with expected and satisfactory qualified products.

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