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BLASTIK® group was founded in 2013 in Hong Kong to tap into the knowledge of research professionals around the world. We launched the Future Plastics project to research and develop natural plastic substitutes.

However, the group was not simply looking for any natural plastic substitute. Instead, we needed plastic alternatives that met high specification thresholds like flexibility and strength. The secondary focus was on fitting our "take from nature, return to nature" philosophy.


In 2019, our scientific research had a significant breakthrough. They overcame barriers like fragility, delicacy, and high cost to manufacture to create BHD®. BHD® offers functions comparable to traditional plastics made from 100% sustainable raw materials. We applied for a patent and officially introduced our solution to the market.

BLASTIK®  immediately received attention from companies and brands globally. As a result, we partner with companies across sectors to develop a positive social response to our plastic alternative while also helping them meet their plastic needs.

At BLASTIK®, we look forward to changing the world one piece of plastic at a time. To try the most environmentally friendly plastic available, contact us today to see how we can help your company.

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BLASTIK® also known as the "Future Plastics" project established


The goal is to break through the barriers of bioplastics technologies. 


First-generation BLASTIK® Cup was born

Like other conventional bioplastics used starch-based raw materials at the beginning, but the price was high and it was difficult to mass-produce them. 

Lower Green Premium, bioplastics become accessible

In cooperation with organic farms, the experiment uses organic agricultural waste instead of corn with one target to lower the green premium.

Acaquired EU  DIN Certco EN 13432:2000-12  (degradable packaging) and  ASTM D 6400-2012-01  (degradable material) certification

The factory passed  ISO 9001 certified management system 

Passed  SGS  Food Safety test, proving that the product meets the US FDA food-grade standard

BLASTIK® pellet passed through Austria  TUV -OK COMPOST HOME  Test certification

BLASTIK® pellet passed Germany  DIN Certco - OK COMPOST HOME  Test certification

BLASTIK® pellet passed  ABA  Australia  DIN Certco -OK COMPOST HOME certification

Chile SUBWAY Chain stores start using BLASTIK® products

American SAFEWAY chain stores start using BLASTIK® products

Antibacterial and Antiviral function passed Hong Kong STC , proved to exhibit 99.9% bacterias. 

BLASTIK ECO TECH LIMITED  associate company was set up

 BLASTIK® introduced in Western market

Hong Kong CITYWALK starts using BLASTIK®  product

 BLASTIK® introduced in Hong Kong market

KERRY LOGISTICS started using BLASTIK® products

UFL started using  BLASTIK® products

BLASTIK-INC. LIMITED  associate company was set up

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